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RO-logoDUE TO SNOW, L.A.B. Recreations Outlet Sale EXTENDED….CALL Pete DeLois on his cell at 513-383-7837 for LAB deals and for us to receive credit.  A1 Foosball, ping pong, bounce back trainers, trampolines, play sets, basketball sets, jacuzzi’s…..


Support your Loveland Athletic Boosters…

Join us for a fundraising sale featuring products from Recreations Outlet
When: February 22, 2015 10am-4pm at Loveland High School Gym



2014 Homecoming Parade Photos

Video of 2014 Homecoming Bonfire
brought to you by LAB – a wonderful Loveland Tradition.
S’mores anybody?!?

LAB Building better student Athletes

Another Game Changer – Building Tradition

Dear Soccer Moms and All-Star Dads:

Someone once wisely stated “Life is a calendar blowing in the wind!” In other words, it won’t be long before the youngsters you are hauling to and from their next game, match or meet become teenage student-athletes driving themselves to Loveland High School with their books and gym bags in tote.

The good news is we have big plans to help make your kids’ high school days and athletic futures brighter than ever. Our exciting ongoing fundraiser will benefit all boys and girls, of all ages, who compete in all Loveland sports programs, for many years to come. But we need your help now please.

Our previous Loveland strength room was opened in 2000. Unfortunately, it was no longer suitable for the needs of our student body. Over 850 boys and girls, representing sixteen sports and twenty-six varsity teams, were exercising in a room originally designed to support half as many. This situation was working against the development of our young student-athletes and raising safety concerns.

Our awesome new Health and Fitness Center is a 6,550 square feet addition to the high school which has tripled the size of our previous strength room. With increased updating of equipment, it is truly becoming “state-of-the- art.” The facility is not only helping our teams to train to compete at a higher level, it is also a tremendous source of school and community pride. We know you will agree your kids deserve it!

But we can’t continue to pay for it without your help!

We are requesting your kind donation of $25 or more to please help us in our continued spirit of “Building Tradition.” And, for any donation of $1000 or more, your name will appear on a plaque of appreciation inside the fitness center.

Please make checks payable to: Loveland Athletic Boosters, PO Box 458, Loveland, Ohio 45140. Or, donate via PayPal below.

Thank you for making this invaluable investment in your children’s futures, and for helping us Build Tradition, to assure the continuous betterment of Loveland High School.


Loveland Athletic Boosters


Please consider donating to the Loveland Athletic Booster Club to help enrich our player’s experience.



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